Introducing Our New Partner


Today we welcome my younger brother, John, to the Absolute Yoga team.

John joins us in the role of Director of Operations and Brew Duty as opposed to my role as Director of Marketing and Photocopying (I was the Director of Towel Rolling until Angela stripped me of my title following an incident in which she had to re-roll 43 towels because I hadn’t actually rolled them so much as scrunched them up into a ball and placed them on the shelf).John

John recently resigned from his position as a senior manager for a large retailer. John has worked all over Liverpool and the North West and is looking forward to a short commute to the yoga studio here in Crosby.

We are really excited about him joining our team and being a part of and expanding Absolute Yoga. John’s role will predominately be the general running of the yoga studio and the project management of our planned second studio.

I am pretty awful at operational duties and I fully expect “I SAID IT IN MY HEAD” to be a valid explanation as to why no one knows what hours they are working that week (however, if you are looking to develop your telepathic abilities at drawing information out of people’s heads then I’m your girl).

John starts with us today and is looking forward to meeting you all eventually.


The Absolute Yoga Team


Bank Holiday Monday (26th August) Class Times

Hot Pilates10.00amPaula60 minutes
Hot Fusion11.30amClare60 minutes

Absolute Yoga Newsletter August 2013

Hello to you all on this Monday morning. I have heard that the weather today will be quite nice. However,  it was my mother who told me that and she says this most days. She is, if nothing else, the eternal optimist (and this year finally got that summer heat wave that she’s been talking about since 1991).

Studio News

New Teachers

We will be releasing our new timetable on Monday 2nd September (it will be available online and in reception very soon). Once again, we have added more classes so we hope that you will be pleased with some of the changes that we have made.

We have added a Yin yoga class on Tuesdays at 10am and we have also added a hot yoga class on Saturday mornings (time to be confirmed). Our new classes will be taken by two new teachers, Niamh and Jo respectively, who we warmly welcome to our team.


Niamh will teach our new Yin yoga class at 10am on Tuesdays from 3rd September. You can follow Niamh on Twitter @niamhrasayoga and visit her website here.



Jo will teach our new hot yoga class and our healthy heat class on Saturdays from 7th September. You can also follow Jo on Twitter @Joanne_huddart.


New Look Reception 

We have recently had our reception repainted and we are really pleased with the finished look.  Over the weekend we finally got around to putting the current reception furniture on eBay (as beautiful as it is, it is not suitable for a yoga studio) and we have ordered some new chairs for the reception area. They should be arriving by the end of week.

New paint

Secure Lockers

We have one set of lockers now installed in the female changing rooms. The second set arrived this morning and these will be going just outside the yoga studio (as soon as we can get the water cooler removed. It is plumbed in and so we need the company who own it to come out and take it away).

Here at Absolute Yoga we are always thinking of new and innovative ways to impress and “wow” our members. Accordingly, we have put elastic bands on the lockers keys so that you will not burn yourself when you pick up the locker key from the hot yoga room floor 😉

If you do use one of the lockers please can you make sure that you leave the key in the locker after you have finished your class and left the studio. Thanks so much.

Online Booking System

We have ordered the online booking software and we should have this up and running very soon (we just need to undergo some training first…and by “we” I mean “me” and I can’t say that I am looking forward to teaching my father how to use it).

August Special Offer

The £15 for 30 days special offer on the off peak classes continues until the end of August. Even if you book this offer on the 31st of August you can still have your 30 days running into September.

Becca and Angela go on Holiday

Becca and Angela are off on their holidays for a well earned rest on Sunday 1st September. You will see a few new faces in the studio as we have brought in new yoga teachers to cover some of Becca’s classes. We still have a few classes to finalise but we should have confirmation of who is doing what for you soon and we will put this online under the “timetables” menu.

Slightly New Pricing Structure from September 2013

We have made a couple of (good) changes to the pricing structure…


Originally we gave a discount of 15% on student memberships so a £69 membership would be £58.65. Having been a student in higher education myself for over ten years I know how expensive things can be when you are on a budget. Accordingly, student memberships will now be £45 per month (for 18+ with NUS  card).

Anyone who has paid for a three month membership or more on the old system will have the difference credited to their membership account at Absolute Yoga so that they will not lose out on this offer.

Off Peak Membership

We have introduced a new off peak membership which is £30 for one month. Discounts are not available on this alternative package. The off peak memberships includes the following classes:

Monday 10am Pilates

Tuesday 10am Yin Yoga

Wednesday 10am Pilates and 4.30pm Hot Fusion

Thursday 10am Hot Yoga and 11.30am Healthy Heat

Friday 10am Hot Yoga and 11.30am Hot Pilates

Saturday Healthy Heat (time to be confirmed)

Have a fab day everyone and we hope to see you at the studio very soon.


The Absolute Yoga Team


Studio Refurbishment (Phase One) at Absolute Yoga Liverpool

We have been at the studio now for nearly seven weeks. In this time, we implemented some of our short term goals such as adding more classes to the timetable and altering the pricing structure so that it gave our members more value for money.

However, in addition to these quick changes, we are also in the process of implementing some of our long term plans.

One of our long term goals is to add a second yoga room to our studio. If you have been to one of our hot yoga classes then you will know that the building is quite big with a lot of space that is currently not in use.

We have taken the decision to add the second yoga room to the ground floor in the space which had previously been occupied by the Little Day Spa. When we took over the yoga business on 17th June, this is what our reception area looked liked:

Before Door


However, last week, we completed what we are calling “phase one” of our refurb…basically we put a door in between the two rooms 🙂

Our reception area now looks like this…

With Door


…but not for long. Next Tuesday (6th August) we have decorators coming to paint our reception area so that it will look “more yoga – less spa”.

We do not have a lot of time between classes for building works and so organising stuff like putting the door up and painting the reception area is a finely tuned operation which requires meticulous planning (by this I mean that one of us, usually me, bribes someone to work throughout the night with the promise of some free hot yoga and all the coconut water they can drink).

The door was put up on a Saturday night. However, now that we have taken the 10am Tuesday class off for the summer, we have a small window on Tuesdays between 8am (after the 6.45am class) and 5pm (before the first evening class at 6pm) for building works.

Accordingly, on Tuesday 6th August we have painters in to do the reception AND POSSIBLY a plumber coming to install a male toilet. That’s right – you read correctly!

More information on the new toilet in the next blog (I bet you can’t wait!)

Have a fab Friday everyone 🙂


The Absolute Yoga Team


Hello and Welcome to Absolute Yoga, Crosby (Liverpool)


Absolute Yoga is a family run yoga and Pilates studio located on Oxford Road, Crosby L22 7RE. We offer a variety of classes, in hot and cold temperatures, including yoga (Ashtanga, Sivananda Hatha, Yin and Tridynamic), Pilates and meditation. For a full description of our classes see hereOur class start times range from 6.30am to 8.00pm. To view our timetable see here.

Our studio opened in 2013 when yoga teacher and co-owner, Jennieleft her job as a University lecturer to pursue a new life path which was less about ambition and success and more about happiness and well-being. Jennie’s original vision remains integral to the studio’s mission and is reflected in the core values and aims of Absolute Yoga. 

Our Mission Statement

Our mission concerns the development of a happy, healthy and well balanced lifestyle. We aim to assist our students in making physical changes such as improved flexibility, strength and general fitness. However, our main purpose is to use yoga and Pilates to assist our students in developing self-acceptance, confidence and overall health and well-being. Ultimately, our vision is to demonstrate how making a connection between your mind and body will lead to a peaceful mind and being comfortable in your own skin.

Our Aims

  • To assist our students in developing self-acceptance, confidence and overall health and well-being

  • To encourage the adoption of a lifestyle which is about being “healthy” as opposed to “skinny” 

  • To ensure a safe and non-judgemental environment in which to practise

  • To offer an objective view, based on the research evidence, regarding the role of yoga and Pilates in relation to topical issues such as weight loss, stress management, depression and anxiety

  • To offer a high standard of professionally trained, qualified and certified yoga and Pilates teachers

  • To make yoga and Pilates accessible to people of all ages and all levels of fitness 

  • To educate others regarding the practice of yoga beyond the postures performed in a yoga class

  • To contribute to the growing field of research on yoga in relation to chronic conditions such as arthritis, back pain and fibromyalgia

  • To be a good community partner by participating in community projects and supporting local charities

Other Services at Absolute Yoga, Crosby

In addition to our classes, we also offer:

  • One to one yoga tuition
  • Personal training
  • Baby and Toddler yoga
  • Range of movement assessments
  • General health checks

For more information on our additional services, contact us here.

Contact Us


How to Book a Class

How to Book a Class at Absolute Yoga, Crosby (Liverpool)
Call: 0151 928 1029
Book a class online here

How to get to our Studio

Transport Links

There are bus stops within a few yards of the studio on Oxford Road heading in both directions for the number 53, 53A and 53B buses. We are also about a 15 minute walk from Waterloo station and about a 10 minute walk from Blundellsands station on the Merseyrail Northern Line.

Map of how to get to Absolute Yoga, Crosby, Liverpool


There is free street parking available in the vicinity of the studio. However, it is really important to us that we are a good neighbour in our local community. Accordingly, we ask that all members please ensure that if they do drive to their class then they park in such a way so as not to obstruct or partially obstruct any of our neighbours’ driveways.

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