New Payment Option


Good news, we are now accepting payments for memberships by standing order. Accordingly, it is now possible for our members to sign up for a three month, six month or one year membership to our studio without paying the fee upfront.

People who choose to pay by standing order will still receive the discounts shown below:

Duration of MembershipType of membershipCost
One MonthFull (all yoga, Pilates spin & fitness classes)£59
One MonthOff peak (all spin & fitness classes) (Mon-Fri 10am)£45

Standing order forms can be obtained from reception.

Have a fab weekend everyone.


The Absolute Yoga Team


Yin Yoga by Niamh Kavanagh


Our first Yin yoga class takes place on Tuesday 2nd September at 10am with @niamhrasayoga. We thought that our members would like to know a little bit more about this style of yoga before booking onto a class.

Niamh actually had an article about Yin yoga published in “Yoga Magazine” in April 2013 and has very kindly sent over an extract from her article which we have added below. We hope to see you at Niamh’s Yin yoga class soon 🙂

Yin yoga – the physical, emotional & mental healer – how?

With stress a common ailment of modern living, let’s start here:

When under too much pressure, the mental field shuts down preceding the ‘will’ to continue. Hence the expressions …under stress, a strain putting our innate wisdom out of reach. In this stage we lose sight of what is actually happening in a body and personality of sensations, emotions and feelings. Symptoms already onset by the immune system under attack due to stress, perpetuates physical, emotional and psychological problems.

Often, the root cause of stress begins with surface personality, who identifies with external layers that shapes and pushes itself into, to ‘fit in’ with society.

This constant absorption of external influence, mask our core truths. Good news is Yoga brings us back.

Yin Yoga, a Taoist tradition, allows us to access deeper layers of the physical body where connective tissue repairs itself, improving a free flow of energy inherent in us all. How does this work?

Postures held for 3-5 minutes have an energetic quality on the body and mind. Applied pressure to the tendons, fascia and ligaments increases circulation, creating a shift in the body. This, applied with awareness relaxes the muscles. Directing attention to a specific area sends relaxed impulses BACK to the brain thus relaxing the mind. Synchronizing movements with the awareness of breath activates the attentive mind, (found in Bihar school of Yoga) allowing us to not otherwise ponder on tensions and stress. Within this neutrality arises: a subtle shift in brain waves deepen our capacity to relax back to our natural state; a crucial stage for healing to take place. One must be fully absorbed in the practice and be relaxed in order to reach cellular level, freeing physical knots and tensions in body and mind.

Yin yoga compliments the more active styles of yoga.


Article by Niamh Kavanagh


Yin yoga at Absolute Yoga takes place on Tuesdays at 10am

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