Absolute Detox Juices – Why Detox?


niyamaAbsolute Juices, Liverpool, believes in looking after your body in accordance with the first Niyama, Saucha, which refers to cleanliness and purification. Internal cleanliness (Antar Saucha) involves detoxifying the body and working towards the development of a purified mind.


When the body is cleansed, the mind purified, and the senses controlled, then joyful awareness needed to realise the inner self, also comes. (Yoga sutra 2.41:)


Our bodies are amazing and naturally undertake the task of self detoxification by way of the five main detox systems: lymphatic, respiratory, urinary, the gastrointestinal tract and the skin. However, in modern life, we expose ourselves to excessive internal and external toxins and irritants which can tax our body’s self healing mechanisms.


In addition, we increase toxin exposure levels through what we eat and do to our bodies, the cleaning products that we use, the herbicides/pesticides on our food and also air pollution specific to the area in which we live. Ultimately, this exposure can lead to us feeling excessively tired, bloated, run down and experiencing symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, acne, itchy eyes, runny nose, excessive sneezing, weight gain and constipation.


There are many ways to practice Antar Saucha in relation to cleansing procedures. However, one of the most common methods used today is undergoing a food and drink detoxification process.


Why Detox?

Our culture does not make it easy to eat well. We lead busy and stressful lives and so it is very easy to reach for processed convenient food, which tax our digestive and immune systems, as opposed to “clean” food which is full of nutrients and easier for the body to assimilate and digest. 


Detoxing is a cleansing procedure intended to assist our bodies in removing toxins and irritants which have built up in our bodies over time. Detoxing offers many physical benefits such as:


Increased energy levels Weight lossImproved digestion
Reduced allergy symptomsReduced chronic pain symptomsClearer skin and eyes
Decrease or elimination of headaches and migrainesBetter concentrationImproved memory and focus


However, we encourage others to think of detox programmes not just as a way to experience the physical benefits (e.g. weight loss). In addition, a pure and clean diet allows the mind to be alert and clear and brings clarity.

Fundamentally, Saucha operates on many levels. In addition to internal cleanliness of the body, Saucha encompasses manomaya kosha (the mental body) and also the external environment. External saucha could be as simple as keeping your house clean or practising good hygiene. 


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