FAQ – General

General Questions About Participating in a Hot Class

I have recently had a baby - can I still try a hot class?

If you are generally healthy with no post-natal complications and you have been given the all clear at your post-natal check-up with your GP then it should be fine for you to participate in a hot  class. However, we would ask you to start off on one of our yoga 30 minute introduction classes before you tried a 60 minute class.

What type of people go to your yoga and Pilates classes?

Our classes are attended by people of varying ages, body types, levels of fitness and personalities.

What is the age range of your current members?

Our current members range in age between 18 and 63. In order to practice hot yoga at Absolute Yoga, members must be aged 16 or over.

Will people laugh at me because I am new to Pilates and cannot keep up with the class?

Absolutely not. Yoga and Pilates studios are not like gyms. This is a non-judgmental environment. No one is looking at you – everyone in the class with you is concentrating on their own practice.

Do you have any beginners' classes?

See here for a list of the classes that we recommend for new students.



What do I wear for my first class?

It really does vary from woman to woman. Some women wear knee length lycra Capri shorts (that are common in gyms) with a vest over a sports bra. Some women wear leggings and t-shirts and some wear shorts and a sports bra.


Also, we do not recommend wearing any make-up to a hot yoga class.


Men tend to wear shorts and a vest or t-shirt. The type of clothes that you would wear for running or to go to a regular gym is fine.


What to wear for a hot yoga session really is individual preference and after the first session you will have an idea of what type of clothes you would be more comfortable in when you practise.

What shall I eat/drink before my class?

Before you come to class you should make sure that you are well hydrated, drinking plenty of water both the day before and the day of your class. Yoga is practised on an empty stomach and so we recommend not eating for two hours before your class.


If you are going to a hot class then you will sweat a lot during the session so after the class make sure that you drink plenty of fluids which should include a drink which replenishes your electrolytes (such as coconut water). This is particularly important if you are doing a hot yoga class and other forms of exercise in the same day.

What do I need to bring with me?


You will need to bring a bottle of water with you to the class. We provide your towel and your mat.

Do I need to pay for my mat and towel?


No, the mat and towel are included in the price of your class.

Do you have any special offers on?

If you are new to the studio then your first session is free and we also have the following introductory offers: £30 for 30 days OR £40 for 40 days. 

How much is a monthly membership?

Please see here for the membership options.

Do you offer any discounts on membership?

Yes, information on the discounts that we offer can be found here.

If I go on holiday can I suspend my membership?