Guest Blogger, Dan: Back on the Mat at Absolute Yoga, Crosby (Liverpool) for Hot (and Cold?) Pilates


Forgive me for I have sinned, its been a REALLY long time since last we spoke.


This time its been nowhere near as exciting a trip as last time when there were datelines and oceans crossed and beaches laid upon. This time I’ve crisscrossed the country and reached the wild climes of  Milton Keynes. Don’t ask.


A new adventure on the wrong side of the Pennines has meant that I can get back to the home where my spirit gets to have a stretch along with my neglected body. Swift contact was made with Absolute Yoga and miraculously they said I could come again! The timetable has evolved and now my beloved, yes beloved, Hot Pilates class has been punctuated by Traditional Pilates.


So on a sunny September morning, Indian summer some may say, Yoga has Indian roots, new report about yogic-ness during Indian summer CHECK ME OUT, the Downward Facing Fatboy returned to Crosby. There was a hint of trepidation as this was a Traditional Pilates class, this means the room isn’t heated to the balmy conditions I have become accustomed to, and I like being warm. I shouldn’t have worried, firstly the room is still comfortable to move in its not what you would call cold. And secondly, Paula the teacher seemed intent on bringing the temperature of the room up through the exertions of the class alone.


After a warm up and stretch routine the class really began and it was immediately apparent to me that this was not the Pilates I was used to, the dynamism of the poses and the repetition of the movements were both increased over Hot Pilates with the same teacher. I later learned that because the room isn’t so hot it allows more dynamic movements with less chance of someone doing themselves a mischief. All in all this was a serious hours work, in my second Trad class we managed to generate enough heat to steam the mirrors up!


The familiar and welcoming heat of Hot Pilates was saved for Friday. A blessing after my DOMS related waddling on Thursday, evidence of the shape I’ve managed to get myself in following my early year dedication. I wasn’t quite back to square one but I wasn’t far off, no black outs but a few times I held plank instead of doing something more dynamic.


I’m looking forward to the week ahead, next up on my Yogic journey is Tri-Dynamic Yoga, despite my protestations to the newly qualified Fairy Yoga-PT-Mother about no weights. I’ll report back if my arms still work.


Namaste Kids




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