Guest Blogger, Dan: still smiling…despite side crow

Forgive me I have sinned, I didn’t listen.


I didn’t listen to my own body. After a week and a half away from the hot room, I jumped straight into a Traditional Pilates and assumed I could take whatever the class threw at me. I went too hard, too fast and had to reap the consequences which are far too graphic for you dear reader. Suffice to say I have been humbled by that first lesson back. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.


Something I’ve both learned and been educated about in the class is the mental attitude that you bring into the room. This might sound basic to you but it was a revelation to me, just by saying to myself “I can do this” gave me more stamina and the ability to complete a set. Add to this something that was mentioned by Paula, which is to smile while you are in the room, no matter what you are doing. This feeds me and pushes me on, I am enjoying the class, so why am I grimacing my way through it? There are floor to ceiling mirrors in front of me and I even look prettier (ish) if I’m smiling back at myself. This again helps to increase stamina and pushes me on.


Thats not to say that I’m grinning like the Cheshire Cat at all times during the classes. When it comes to mountain climber or the 100, there isn’t a joke created that could make me smile. I’ve also recently become acquainted with the Hindu Press Up, the burpee’s yoga powered sibling. This move elicits faces from me that shouldn’t be seen outside of a birthing suite, that goes for the grunts too.


The tri-dynamic classes are to blame for the whole raft of names that I now know, it is also to blame for the bruised butt I got from trying side crow. Apparently bakasana alone was not enough, but at this point it is beyond me.


I’ll keep smiling though and I will get it.


Namaste kids.


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