About Us


Absolute Yoga is a yoga and Pilates studio located on Oxford Road, Crosby, L22 7RE. Absolute Yoga opened in 2012 and originally offered some yoga and pilates classes in addition to the main business of the Little Day Spa.


In June 2013 Absolute Yoga was purchased by new owners and the Little Day Spa closed for business. Absolute Yoga is now a family run and family owned business. We currently offer 25 classes per week comprising hot yoga, hot pilates, hot fusion and hot yoga for beginners. For a description of our classes, see here.


We understand how difficult it is to fit exercise into our busy daily lives. Our studio opens at 6.30am on four days a week with morning hot yoga classes starting at 6.45am. Our morning classes have been a welcome addition to our timetable and our members now have the opportunity to practise yoga before they head off to work. We also hold later evening classes with 8pm classes on Mondays and Tuesdays for our members who find it difficult to get to the studio throughout the day. To view our timetable see, here.


If you have never done yoga in your life then it is never too late to start


We aim to make yoga accessible to people of all ages and all levels of fitness. Our current members range in age between 18 and 68. We offer 60 and 90 minute classes for intermediate and advanced students but we also offer 30 minute “healthy heat” classes which are designed to be a gentle introduction to hot yoga and which are ideal if you have never done yoga before or have never tried hot yoga.


Our “hot yoga for beginners classes are ideal for people who perhaps lack the confidence or fitness level to participate in a 60 minute hot session but would like to try hot yoga in order to improve particular health issues, lose a bit of weight or work on their flexibility.

Map of how to get to Absolute Yoga, Crosby, Liverpool