Meet Rose: Yogini, Health Coach and Guest Blogger


Rose Long is a Liverpool based Health Coach and Absolute Yoga practitioner. Rose has very kindly agreed to write a few guest articles for our studio in the area of health, well being and nutrition. Research suggests that the food you eat is approximately 85% responsible for factors such as body weight and overall health. Accordingly, read on: what Rose has to say is very interesting…


Today I’m passionate about natural food and learning how the body utilises what Mother Nature provides for us.  To me it is miraculous to discover just how much we benefit from eating clean.  Mind you, I don’t have a clean track record!  In my younger years I ate well when I was recovering from a weekend of partying, but otherwise my choices were largely governed by my environment and my conditioning – eat on the go, eat what’s convenient, eat for quick energy,  snacks at the computer, treats with friends, excess at weekends.   My wake up call came when I realised that my lifestyle was unsustainable –   my drinking was out of hand, I was stressed out from work, reeling from a failed marriage and desperately trying to appear like a well balanced, responsible woman of the world!   I took a deep breath and committed to change and as I left my past behind me a new life began to open up.  But I didn’t get away scott free.  My former lifestyle left its mark and I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  Now that’s an incentive to eat clean!


I got into action.  My aim was to come through this ordeal healthier than I’d ever been.  I spent an inspiring year studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to qualify as a Health Coach.  I became my own case study, and the most important lesson I learnt was that we have to do the work ourselves – we can have all the knowledge and all the lingo, but unless we’re listening to our bodies to find out what works for us, it counts for very little. In today’s world food is a complicated business, and it’s big business – most of what’s on our supermarket shelves isn’t even food, but food-like products!  Many of us eat according to what the experts are currently recommending, many of us eat in response to our emotions and past conditioning, some of us eat to satisfy cravings, others to fit in with the crowd. For most of us we have forgotten how to listen to our bodies to make our choices.  We have forgotten the art of mindful eating and we are paying the price.  Food can be our greatest ally or our worst enemy, it’s up to us.


Michael Pollan a respected food journalist in the States was fed up with all the conflicting messages about what foods are healthy to eat.  He decided to write a book on what you can say about food, without question.  It’s a very slim book!  It’s called ‘Food Rules’ and breaks down into three parts – eat food, mostly plants, not too much.  Like most things in life, the answers to clean eating are simple, not always easy to execute, but simple to understand.


Are you interested in tasty food and eating for health and vitality?  Over the coming months we’ll be exploring simple steps to eating a clean, life-giving diet.  We’ll look at the acid/alkaline balance of food, cravings, detoxing, sugar, healthy fats, the yin and yang of food, and plenty more.  In my experience, learning about one’s own health and wellbeing is a life long commitment, there are no quick fixes (however temptingly advertised!) and because we are each unique (bioindividuality) nobody else has the answers – we have to learn them for ourselves.


I look forward to sharing the simple delights of clean eating with you here at Absolute Yoga.


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