Pre and Post Class Advice

Before You Come to Class


You should make sure that you are well hydrated drinking plenty of water both the day before and the day of your class. You will also need to bring a bottle of water with you to the class. Yoga is practised on an empty stomach and so we recommend not eating from two hours before your class.


What to Wear to Class



It really does vary from woman to woman. Some women wear knee length lycra Capri shorts (that are common in gyms) with a vest over a sports bra. Some women wear leggings and t-shirts and some wear shorts and a sports bra.


Men tend to wear shorts and a vest or t-shirt. The type of clothes that you would wear for running or to go to a regular gym is fine.


What to wear for a hot yoga session really is individual preference and after the first session you will have an idea of what type of clothes you would be more comfortable in when you practise.


During Your Class


Your goal for your first session is to just stay in the room so you can get used to the heat. Don’t worry so much about performing all of the movements.


Yoga breathing is in through the nose and out though the nose. Concentrate on getting your breathing right in the first few classes rather than getting into the poses.


If at any point you feel unable to carry on then it is absolutely fine to lie down on the mat and take a “savasana”. This involves lying on the back, eyes closed, palms facing up with the arms and legs at about 45 degrees. Once in position you should come to stillness using Ujjayi breathing which is long and smooth inhalations and exhalations. You can then re-join the class whenever you feel ready.


After the Class


You will sweat a lot during the session so after the class make sure that you drink plenty of fluids which should include a drink which replenishes your electrolytes (such as coconut water).