Pilates is a relatively modern form of body conditioning which was developed over 80 years ago by Joseph Pilates (1880–1967). Until the mid-1980s, Pilates was practised almost exclusively by dancers and a small number of athletes. However, within the last two decades, Pilates has increased drastically in popularity. This trend was, in part, as a result of celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Sharon Stone, and Liv Tyler who started to appear on the red carpet with sleek and slender limbs which they credited to the regular practice of Pilates.


Consequently, Pilates became more mainstream in the late 1990s when word began to spread about the benefits of practising this method of exercise which connects and conditions the whole body and mind.
The practice of Pilates involves:


(1) The co-ordination of the breath with movement
(2) The development of a strong core
(3) The maintenance of a neutral spine position
(4) A focus on developing spinal and pelvic alignment

Hot Pilates is the practice of Pilates and the integration of body, breath and mind in a heated room of about 105 degrees Fahrenheit.


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Pilates classes at Absolute Yoga:


Monday 10.00am – Hot Pilates
Monday 7.45pm – Pilates Flow
Wednesday 10.00am – Hot Pilates
Friday 10.00am – Hot Pilates


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