Dealing with a Yoga High Hamstring Tendon Injury


By @Jennie_Ay



In the previous article by Absolute Yoga (Liverpool) we looked at hamstring tendon injuries which are common amongst yoga teachers and students. This article looks at suggested treatment methods for such injuries. However, if you have moderate to severe pain, or pain that persists despite a period of rest then you need to seek treatment from your GP or physio before proceeding with the following recommendations.



Hamstring injuries suffered on the yoga mat are usually high tendon injuries at the point of the hamstring origin (the sit bones). These injuries develop over time as the the collagen fibrils which make up the tendon become frayed and damaged as a result of:


(1) Excessive tension of the hamstring tendons (from doing too many intense hamstring stretches and/or overstretching the hamstrings in certain postures)


(2) Insufficient rest to allow the healing of tiny tendon tears


Common Symptoms


(1) Pain/discomfort at the back of the top of the thigh and into the buttock


(2) Pain/discomfort when placing deep pressure at the point of the sit bones 


(3) Pain/discomfort when sitting on a hard surface


(4) Pain/discomfort which is exacerbated by forward folding asanas such as Standing Forward Fold (Uttanasana) and Intense Side Stretch Pose Parsvottanasana.


Treatment of a Yoga High Hamstring Tendon Injury


This is a three stage self-treatment plan working towards:


(1)  Healing the tendon itself


(2) Strengthening into the area in order to prevent reoccurring injuries




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